College Application

College Application Process

The college application process can be overwhelming. The Counseling Department is here to assist our students during the transition from high school to college. Please refer to the steps below in order to help the process run smoothly. 

  1. Complete and submit the Senior Questionnaire to Ms. Couch. This gives the counselor more insight into you as a person, as well as your thoughts for the future. 
  2. Schedule a senior meeting with Ms. Couch. During this time, you will learn more about the application process from the high school perspective (which will be explained in more detail below), have the opportunity to ask questions, and be able to talk through your thoughts and concerns about colleges and majors. 
  3. CHECK DEADLINES. Make a calendar to track the deadlines for applications for any school you are interested in, whether it be for admissions or scholarship. 
  4. Once you begin applications, you will need to request transcripts and recommendations from Ms. Couch and possibly teachers. There is a procedure and paperwork that must be turned in to formally request it. Make sure you request in advance of due dates so there is ample time for them to be completed. This is where having a Deadline Calendar can be helpful so nothing slips through the cracks.  

Other things to keep in mind:

  - ACT/SAT scores

* Check to see if your school requires the test scores from the testing service or if they will accept the transcript. Schools will always take the highest scores. Be sure that schools have all of your scores by sending them every time, especially if you apply early but continue to take standardized tests. They will update your file and this can help with scholarships. 

* Check to see if you are applying to a school that requires/recommends SAT II Subject tests. These are short (1 hour) tests that test specific subjects. You can take up to 3 in one sitting. They are offered the same time as the SAT though, so you need to plan ahead. You can only take with the regular SAT or SAT II Subjects tests at a sitting. More competitive schools are the only ones that require or recommend them. 

Information commonly needed for applications:

  • Size of Class of 2017 = 40 Students
  • Does Your School Rank = No
  • Grading Scale = 4.0
  • Graduation Date = May 26, 2018
  • Counselor's Title = School Counselor

The Academic Common Market

The Academic Common Market is managed by the Southern Regional Education Board and it allows students to pursue degrees from selected out of state programs for in-state tuition. If the program you want to study is not offered here at a school in the state of Kentucky, students can attend a college or university in one of the other 15 member states.

Visit for more information about the Academic Common Market.