Junior/Senior Course Selection

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The Advanced Placement courses designated on the form are designed to prepare a student to take AP exams at the end of the school year.  Given a sufficient mark on these exams, a student may be granted appropriate college credit.  Score levels required and the amount of credit granted is determined by the individual college.  There is a cost for each AP exam taken (in 2017 it was $93.00) but this expense is offset by the fact that the student does not have to pay for similar credit hours at the collegiate level. You can see AP credit acceptance policies for specific colleges/universities by visiting https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/creditandplacement/search-credit-policies


Students need to have at least 2nd honors cumulative average in those classes freshmen and sophomore year and also receive their current teacher’s recommendation. We introduced Advanced Placement English Language and Composition as an option five years ago. Since this course is offered in the senior year as well, students will only be eligible to take this class if they have had high enough grades in English I and II and they have received permission from their current English teacher.

Dual Credit

Other options in the Junior Curriculum are possible AP/Dual Credit courses. Students choosing to take any of these courses will be able to opt to have the class count as an AP class or as a Dual Credit class. If choosing Dual Credit, the student will not only receive high school credit for it, but also a number of semester hours of credit at Thomas More College or UC. The course will be taught by an approved CLS faculty member and will follow a syllabus approved both by the AP program as well as the college or university. By enrolling in one of these courses, students will have to decide how they want the course to count. Stephanie Tewes will contact each student in these classes this summer about this option.

See Academics for more information.

Course Selection Adjustments

  • In an effort to provide students with opportunities that match demonstrated ability and achievement, teachers recommend certain courses and levels during the scheduling process. When a student chooses to take a course other than the one recommended by the teacher, it is critical for the student to discuss the pros and cons of the change and the demands of the course with the department supervisor.

To adjust a course, return the class drop form to a School Counselor. This form must be turned in on or before MAY 20th during the spring scheduling process. Any forms turned in past this date will not be eligible for consideration until the beginning of next school year. After school begins, students will be allowed to change class levels only when there are seats available in the class and under special circumstances.