Spiritual Life

Jesus is the embodiment of the many forms of leadership Covington Latin School strives to instill within our student body. At Latin School, we define leadership as one who can inspire others, live faith, embrace challenges, express passion, achieve success, value tradition and change the world. Vast study and innumerable texts have been devoted to the ways that Jesus exemplified these various leadership attributes in His earthly endeavors and the manner in which His living presence continues to do so.

Latin School students come to know Jesus and the many facets of His leadership through their theology courses in which they study the Church and how we come to encounter Him in the Sacraments. Students also invest time in building a relationship with Him in our weekly School Masses as well as in retreats offered at various times. They also learn to embrace His way of being a leader; that is by being a servant when they are encouraged to be of service to one another and to the wider community. 

Yes, Jesus is a great leader and our ultimate inspiration at Covington Latin School. May He continue to inspire our students as they, too, work to become the leaders of our local and global community.