September Guidance Newsletter

9/9/2019 2:25:57 PM

Guidance Office Newsletter

September 2019

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year from the Guidance Office! The school year is in full swing and orientations are finished. I enjoyed getting to know the younger students and look forward to learning more about the sophomores, juniors, and seniors during guidance classes. I meet with students for a variety of reasons including post-secondary education planning, social and emotional health, academic success, resources, etc. Please stop by my office if I can help in any way. 

Applying to college is a busy time. Here is a list of some reminders by grade level to stay on track. 

College Planning To-Do List for Seniors in the Fall:


Upcoming College Representative Visits to CLS:

During the month of September, several college representatives will stop by to see students. The visits will take place outside of the forum or in senior guidance class. I encourage all students to stop by to say hello to the reps, but especially those who are thinking about attending that college - tell the rep your name, introduce yourself and let them know you are interested. 

9/12 Denison University 10:30 in Commons  

9/13 Hillsdale College 11:30 in Commons 

9/17 University of Cincinnati during senior guidance class

9/30 Bellarmine University 11:15 in Commons


College Fairs During the Month of September

College Fairs are a great place to go to get information from many schools at once. During sophomore, junior and senior guidance classes, we will talk about questions to ask college admission representatives. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are encouraged to go to college fairs. It is never too early to start thinking about post-secondary goals. 


9/14 Cincinnati National College Fair at Duke Energy Convention Center from 

2-5 pm. You can pre-register using the link. Schools attending from across the US. List of schools also available in link above. College Fair Guide for this event. 

9/30 Best of U Cincinnati - at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy from 6:15- 9 pm.

Do you want to study overseas?! Please stop by this event. The BEST of U group is a consortium of five Russell Group universities, ranked amongst the best in the UK and all within the top 150 universities in the world. Please click on the link for more information. 

9/30 Cincinnati Performing and Visual Arts College Fair at Xavier University from   

6:30-8:30 pm. You can pre-register using the link. List of schools also available in the link. Schools in attendance from across the US.

Scholarship Opportunities!

Start your scholarship search now. Many scholarships are open to freshmen through seniors. There are many websites to search for scholarships. Try,, or to name a few. You may also contact local organizations, companies, and religious organizations to ask if they offer scholarships. Start accumulating your college money now!

Listed below are a couple scholarships of interest.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Youth Scholarship - This scholarship is open to grades 9-12. Applicant must answer a Voice of Democracy prompt by audio-essay. This year's theme: What Makes America Great. Please click on the link for more information.

DEADLINE: October 31, 2019     National First Place Winner: $30,000


Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship - Answer I Pledge to not text and drive because… in 140 or less characters. If chosen, will be asked to write a 500-1000 word essay about texting while driving. Open to 9-12 grade. Please click the link for information.  

DEADLINE: September 30, 2019     WINNER: $1,500


Please do not forget about the upcoming test dates! These tests will be held during the school day at CLS. Students participating will not have homework the night before or tests/quizzes the day of the test. Please contact Ms. Stone with any questions or concerns.  

Other News:



What is the difference between Early Decision and Early Action?

Applying to colleges is an important time. You want to ensure you submit everything needed and on time. There are many different terms colleges use during the application process. Do you know what they mean? It is important to know before applying to college. 


If you decide to apply early decision (ED), you will apply early, and receive an early decision, usually by December, BUT this decision is binding. This means if you are accepted to that college and receive a financial aid package that is acceptable to your family, you must attend. Please make certain if you apply ED to a college that it is your first choice. You may apply to other colleges during regular admissions, but you must withdraw your application if you are accepted to your ED college. 


Early action means you will apply early and receive an early admission decision. You will be notified sometime in January or February. You may apply to other colleges during regular admissions and make a decision no later than May 1, 2020. This date is the national response date.